HP Gas Booking | How To Book HP Gas New Cylinder

HP Gas Booking Online

One of the largest gas booking company in India is HP gas. They provide consumers lpg gas for home and for business uses. Hp gas can be book by different methods online and offline. You can choose the method which is suitable for you the most.


Methods to book HP Gas Cylinder

  1. You can book a refill by visiting to the nearest gas agency.
  2. By using online portal of HP gas.
  3. By using IVRS.

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How To Do HP Gas Booking Online :

Customers can book refill for HP gas Online from their official site. To Book the refill you should have an account on their website, if you don’t have an account then at first register your account and then follow these steps.

  1. To do Refill Booking Online at first Go to their official website.
  2. Now click on Book Your Refill.
  3. Enter the details and login in to your account.
  4. After login click on book your Cylinder.
  5. Done your cylinder is booked.
  6. You will get your refill after some days of Booking. You can also make the payment online or do cash on delivery as per your convince.

How To Do HP Gas Booking Offline :

If you are not much familiar with online booking then you can book your gas refill offline. various methods is available to book gas refill offline. You can visit to your nearest agency, through mobile app or you can book through sms/IRVS.


HP Gas Online Booking Number – IVRS/SMS

States / AreasPhone Number
Delhi & NCR99909 23456
Kerala99610 23456
Maharashtra & Goa88888 23456
Bihar94707 23456
Assam90850 23456
Tamil Nadu90922 23456
Jammu & Kashmir90860 23456
Himachal Pradesh98820 23456
Andhra Pradesh96660 23456
Rajasthan78910 23456
Haryana98129 23456
Karnataka99640 23456
Jharkhand89875 23456
Uttar Pradesh (W)81919 23456
Odisha90909 23456
Punjab98556 23456
West Bengal90888 23456
Gujarat98244 23456
Puducherry90922 23456
Uttar Pradesh98896 23456
Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh96690 23456


These are the methods you can use to book HP gas refill. You will get the refill at your home after some days of booking.

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